"A magical future fairy tale from INDIA"

In the begining...

Khoya is a magical, futuristic tale about two children who seek to save a world where magic and love have disappeared. Join the journey of Maya and Talisma as you help them with their quests and discover your own quests in this interactive app designed

"For the iPad"

the app

"The Compass"

Navigate through a strange new world with the help of the magical compass.

"The Mapmaker"

Meet fantastical characters that guide you through the world of Khoya.


Follow Maya on her quest to free her parents.


Use the camera book to take part in quests that parallel that of the characters in the story.


Experience wonderful animations bring the story to life.

the artist

Shilo Shiv Suleiman

Shilo Shiv Suleman is an Indian illustrator, animator and visual artist based in the city of Bangalore. Her primary area of interest is visual storytelling through multiple mediums. She illustrated her first book for children at the age of 16 and has illustrated eight others since with some of the most well known publishing houses in India. She has also been actively involved in setting up community art projects and collectives that get people to appreciate and create street art in their surroundings as well as use art and design to bring socially relevant issues in India to the forefront and also worked with a number of advertising agencies as an illustrator.

In her spare time Shilo gypsies around the country, driven by Love, magical realism and everything that shimmers, pressing flowers between the pages of her many notebooks while losing herself in watercolor wonderlands.

the wizards


Our developer INKONIQ, created technology behind Khoya and is the magic which makes it run. They brought their years of experience in iOS development and transformed our napkin drawings, paper storyboards and keynote decks into a wonderful app. But along with their coding wizardry we also got a design savvy, development team that was willing to put in the extra mile at every step to make our app look great.