"The Special Forces of Magic and Wonder"
"I want it all"
As CEO of Tank & Bear, Anders likes being in charge, but enjoys working with super creative people. He has worked with everything from phones systems, websites, interactive plush toys, iPad Apps, and wooden toys. Anders founded Tank & Bear to bring magical concepts to life. He feels at home on three different continents and would love to live in all three at the same time. Anders currently also runs the Toy Lab at the Srishti School of Design in Bangalore, India.
"I'll be there in half an hour!"
Artist, illustrator, entrepreneur, and creator of Khoya, Shilo illustrated her first book for children at the age of 16. She has illustrated eight others since with some of the most well known publishing houses in India. In her spare time Shilo gypsies around the country, driven by Love, magical realism and everything that shimmers, pressing flowers between the pages of her many notebooks while losing herself in watercolor wonderlands.
"I only worked 80 hours last week!"
Scott is a coding wiz and veteran of the New York Agency scene. He loves creating beautiful motion through code and making user interfaces so slick they literally glide across your screen. When Scott's not working he's working. Well no, he's been known to take a vacation once every decade.